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Friday, January 18, 2019
Sets of results used for knitwear dyeing, excellent sag, cool fabric, breathable particularly good, and feel soft and smooth. Knitted or mesh pattern. Sense of the rich craft of hand knitting crochet sweater with a recovery in mesh with the new technology, and the echoes of our current forecast. Representative of the knitted fabrics by Missoni inspired raschel knitting colorful wave pattern generated. Section dyed yarn to create this section subtly gorgeous shape, color, or hit with the same color rendering. Play patterns, creating new decorative effect. Technology Dye sets (multi-color, chromatic) First, in several points with different colors of dye were disseminated twice to get the dye from the deployment of these types of color pigments. Such as the indigo dye with SJ to the official green and glossy dark green cover; and Huang Bo can be set dyed blue; and reed wood, bayberry bark can be set color was xuan; indigo dyed water to the house was built of blue or hematoxylin blue grapes. Second, the two different fibers or woven fabrics, using two different properties of the dye in two sets of dye staining said. For example, in the long viscose fabrics, dyed with disperse dyes polyester fibers, and then to Shihlin viscose dye pad, this process called dye sets. This sets out the dyed fabric dyeing sometimes flash and color effects. Mixed color of space presented. V-shaped stripes or multi-color images a sense of style with tribal fusion style. Printed plain knitting for the girls market with dramatic effect, while the knitted stripes create a soft subtle linear pattern.